On 1 July 2024, Bruktbuå at Forus will close its doors to prepare for the relocation and opening of the large shopping and reuse centre R:Elsk at Lura in Sandnes.

The reception of reused items continues as before, both inside IVAR's recycling station at Forus and where Bruktbuå has been located.

Right now, we’re remodeling the second-hand shop at Forus into R:Elsk reception to make room for even more reusable delights. We’re still accepting goods for reuse even though it’s a bit messy outside!

Once the remodeling is complete, even more of what is thrown away can be saved and turned into reusable treasures that can delight others. It’s a great use of resources.

What do we not accept?

Unfortunately, we do not accept the following items :

  • Defective furniture/objects (For example, missing parts, holes, stained fabric/skin, animal hair, mold, or fungus.
  • Mattresses (infection risks, such as lice, wall animals, or possibly other bedding).
  • PC / Mobile Phones (Can contain a memory chip with sensitive information).
  • Brown wall sections (old).
  • Plants (Applicable to all types of plants, may have infectious diseases).

Thank you for your understanding!