Our vision is to secure the region`s most competitive water, waste water and waste services. The company in owned by the municipalities of Stavanger, Gjesdal, Hå, Klepp, Kvitsøy, Randaberg, Sandnes, Sola, Stavanger, Hjelmeland and Time with a total population of approx. 330 000.

Brochure about IVAR in English. (PDF, 12MB)


The best drinking water comes straight from the tap

IVAR supplies drinking water to all the municipal owners. Our drinking water is subject to the most stringent requirements related to the quality of hygienic water.

We treat waste water

IVAR receives and treats waste water from the ownership municipalities. Our goal is to ensure that the discharge of waste water does not harm rivers and sea areas and to ensure re-circulating of dry sludge from the treatment facilities.

We create value from what you throw away

IVAR receives and ensures further treatment of waste from the collection systems in the ownership municipalities. We also own and run several recycling stations. 

Sorting guide to IVAR`s recycling stations.  (PDF, 571KB)


Residual waste in transparent waste bags

From January 2017 the residual waste must be delivered in transparent waste bags at IVAR´s recycling stations.

Together with the residual waste that currently is delivered in black waste bags, we often find electrical waste, hazardous waste, glass and metal. To avoid this, we have chosen to introduce delivery in transparent waste bags. (Electrical and hazardous waste can be delivered FREE in our recycling stations).

Residual waste is what is left when everything that can be recycled is sorted out. Thank you for your contribution!