Garbage and fat thrown in the toilet quickly become an unpleasant problem.

Food and leftovers in the toilet are a standing invitation to sewer rats.

If the drainage pipes are properly blocked, the IVAR plant must be repaired. It costs a lot and, in the worst-case scenario, may cause municipalities to increase the fee. 

Don't DO it

Garbage, food, and fat thrown in the toilet are big and expensive problems, and the campaign "Don't DO it" wants to make people aware of the issue.

Part of the campaign is a game that can be downloaded on your mobile phone. The easiest way to find the game is to go to with your phone and download it from there. It is free!

On the website, there is also a film showing what happens to garbage that gets into the drainage pipes. We filmed Leif, who works at our treatment plant, on a trip down the sewer. Go to the page and watch the movie if you dare ...