Everyone living in Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola, Gjesdal, Randaberg, Kvitsøy, Klepp, Hå, Time and Ryfylke municipality can throw plastic in the residual waste.

All you need to do is put the plastic in the residual waste, and IVAR's waste sorting plant on Forus will sort the plastic for you, before it gets washed and recycled.

You can even throw metal packaging if you have space in the waste bin.

Food, paper, beverage cartons, cardboards, glass, electronic waste and hazardous waste will still be sorted as before, but with plastic and metal packaging in the residual waste, it will be a little easier for you to sort properly.

If you have questions about the collection system or if you need a larger waste bin, please contact your municipality.


Why throw plastic in the residual waste?

Each of us throws 31 kg of plastic a year, and only 7.7 kg of this is being sorted. When IVAR's waste sorting plant is in full operation, it is expected that the plastic sorting will increase to 17 kg per person.

That's good news for the environment!

The new Waste sorting plant on Forus turns the plastic into a valuable material again. It will sort the residual waste and separate the plastic into 5 different types of plastic. After the sorting, the plastic will proceed to the washing machines where it is washed, dried and converted into plastic pellets that can be used to make new environmentally friendly plastic products.


What type of plastic can I throw in the residual waste?

Most of the plastic that fit into the waste bin can be thrown into the residual waste. You can also throw smaller amounts of styrofoam. It is important that you remove any remaining food and liquids before throwing the plastic.

You don´t need to put your plastic waste in a separate bag, just throw it loose in the residual waste.


Thank you for sorting!