Temporary plastic handling due to the fire at our sorting plant


IVAR's sorting plant at Forus was damaged in a fire on 22 July 2022 and is temporarily out of service.

The sorting plant at Forus is designed to extract valuable resources from the residual waste. As a result of the fire, the residual waste is now temporarily sent directly to the Forus Energigjenvinning incineration plant, which is located next door to the sorting plant. Electricity and district heating are produced here, with the residual waste as fuel.

Cardboard and paper are sorted and processed as before. The fire damaged about 25 percent of the plant. The sorting hall, where the residual waste is sorted out into different waste types, was hit hardest.

It is the municipalities that own IVAR that are responsible for the collection schemes. Several municipalities have set out temporary containers where you can deliver the plastic waste for recycling.

Check your municipality website to find out how you can deliver sorted plastic waste.